About us

White House percussion is Walter White. I started making xylophones for students in 1996. Producing a full sized (1.5") bar portable frame designed for school students. In 1998 I made my first marimba (4.3 octave) for an University student via a recommendation of Arnie Lang (NYC). Inn this same era of time I produced a portable vibraphone frame. Able to be packed up into a roll and carried by a single person in one trip. This design used the K&K bar amplification pickup system to eliminate the need for resonator tubes and a motor. Move forward to 2016 and work for a truly lightweight expandable marimba is in the works. December 2020 I apply for a patent (which still in 2022 presently is pending) for a modular marimba frame and bar suspension system.

Our Services

White House Percussion, I provide all things percussion. I still perform while teaching and consulting with school percussion and jazz programs. Presently the Modular frame design is available for xylophone, marimba and vibraphone. I do percussion repairs and private teaching in person and on line.

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